My Journey

My journey

My name is Dézi and I originate from Hungary. I have been in London for 6 years now but I started doing yoga in Hungary 7 years ago. I had a stressful job and although I was going to the gym and classes quite often, I was looking for something new, something that would bring balance into my life.

So a big thank you to my very first teacher, lovely Ildiko. She came up to me and asked me if I wanted to join her class, it was a taster (for free). As soon as I laid down on the mat and the class started, I felt I had arrived. This is what I want to do! Hand on heart, I was crying at the end of the class , not because it was bad, but because I felt so relieved and I let go of all the tension and anger I had in my body. That's when I got addicted, if you can call it an addiction. Yoga only has good side effects, and although its not a quick fix, you start to feel the benefits after a few weeks.

I had scoliosis (the spine is curved from side to side) which caused me back aches almost daily. I couldnt even go for a walk or shopping, because I had constant pain in my mid-back. After attending a yoga class twice a week for a good year or two, my pain was gone. I became more aware of my body, my breathing. Practising yoga gave me my life back. When you practise, the world around you stops and you come to peace.

Practising for 2 years I started to attend courses and workshops. As I delved into it more, my thirst for knowledge grew. I moved to London in 2008 and started working. I missed my teacher but more so I missed practising Yoga. So I began to practise at home. I decided to start practising at my local gym in work. I tried different styles and I kept thinking to myself, "if I love it so much, why not teach it myself too?". So I signed up for a teacher training course in 2009 and graduated in October, 2010. It was an amazing journey and Im grateful for every minute of it. Since then I teach group classes and also private clients. I have graduated as a yoga sports coach in November,2011. This allows me to help athletes with yoga. I have completed a yoga therapy course and I have started a Thai yoga massage course in January,2012 and qualified in December. I went to Thailand in 2013 and completed the advanced Thai yoga massage course. At the moment I am studying Pilates and will qualify in October this year. So, you can see, I never stop, always on the move, I'm a lifelong student!



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